Improved quality of life by design

AEROBIKA® OPEP Device Advantage

  • Reduces COPD readmissions by 28% in the critical 30-day period
  • Trend toward shorter length of stay
  • Reduced use of oral corticosteroids and antibiotic treatments
  • Improves lung function and ventilation in COPD
  • Reduces post-operative readmissions by 39% in the critical 30-day period
  • Use of the device resulted in shorter length of stay and significantly lower costs
  • Cost effective addition to standard of care

“There’s funny little ways that it’s made a difference. I was coughing so hard and there was so much pressure in my lungs that I had to sleep sitting up. It was hard to go out walking my dog for example because I was so breathless. So I really find the device helps to clear my lungs, I’ve been able to lie down at night, so that just in itself is a very good thing because it’s better rest.”


”I have had chronic cough for 5 years now. After just 2 uses, I slept through the night without coughing several times during the night. I normally had severe long cough spells at least once a week…”

“The Aerobika* OPEP device has proven to be more easy [sic] to use and monitor. We struggled to get my daughter to perform her chest therapy using the traditional [competitive] device. This has proven to be more effective.”

“It means better health, it means I feel better. It also helps to just clear my airways in everyday situations if I want to go out to a show which can be hard to do when you’re a cougher. I use this a lot before I go to clear my airways so I don’t have to run into that problem when I’m out.”

Monaghan Medical Corporation (MMC), headquartered in Plattsburgh, New York, offers leading aerosol drug delivery devices and respiratory management products including the AEROECLIPSE® BAN, AEROCHAMBER® Brand of VHC and the AEROBIKA® OPEP device exclusively in the United States. MMC focuses on developing cost-efficient, outcome-based solutions for its customers.


Hospital Cost Savings Estimate

In peer-reviewed published studies, the AEROBIKA® Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) device has been shown to support cost savings in both COPD Exacerbation and Post-Operative Recovery in a hospital setting. Use the calculator to the right to estimate the cost savings your facility could achieve by implementing the AEROBIKA® OPEP device to your existing standard of care.

Improved quality of life
by design.